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Tropical Fish Aquarium Screen Saver will turn your desktop into a virtual aquarium with underwater life and various tropical fish species. The Tropical Fish Screensaver offers you two beautiful aquarium scenes with wonderful, bright tropical fish swimming around, 3D underwater plants, bubbles and more. Enjoy choosing from 15 different fish to have swim in your aquarium, you can have from 0 to 50 tropical fish swimming around your fish aquarium. These include species such as shrimp, crab, clown fish, angel fish, anemone fish and other wonderful tropical fish.

You can set up the scenery, including the light intensity, fog intensity, foreground light, background light, wavers sound, and bubble count. You can also
set up the other items to appear in the screensaver such as whether to show water, lights and terra. You cab feed the tropical fish food but don't worry the tank will get plenty dirty. 


- 15 species of tropical fish.
- 2 3D underwater background.
- Feed tropical fish food..
- Aquarium sounds and transparent bubbles
- Interact with 3D fish.
- Compatible with windows 7/8.

Free Download   Special Holiday Price $4.95  $9.95


Tropical Fish Background:

Species Of Tropical Fish (Angel, Blue Tang, Red Betta Fish, Redhead, Turquoise Discus, Guppy, Gold Algae Eater and Kumanomi):

Tropical Fish Aquarium Background:







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