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With Red Devil Aquarium screensaver you can bring the beauty of the red devil cichlid fish right to your desktop. This screensaver includes realistic 3D fish with natural swimming behaviors and movements and the plants have the ability to move subtly with the water ripple. You can select fish, change scenery and use other options and settings of the program with ease.

This screensaver has 14 type red devil fish with different size and color. The color of the red devil is often a dark brown, yet some are bright red, while
others are yellow, black or white. Some of red devil will also have a black-tipped tail and fins. They can have thick rubbery orange lips or the lips can be
black. Red devil cichlids are beautiful fish but they are extremely territorial and by reputation extremely hostile to most other cichlids. For this reason
they are most often kept alone in an aquarium just for the red devil fish.

This is not only a aquarium screensaver, but also a game software with a desktop icon. You can feed fish, touch fish, zoom in and zoom out fish. Download it now and enjoy picturesque relaxing aquatic landscapes providing pleasing freshness and purity!


- 14  types of Red Devil Fish.
- Realistic 3D fish tank scenery.
- Digital clock.
- Nature aquarium style
- Realistic bubble sound effects.
- Support Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.

Red Devil Cichlid Fish Picture :


Red Devil Cichlid Fish Aquarium Background :


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