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Ornamental Fish Aquarium Screensaver will decorate your desktop with the amazing 3D ornamental fish swimming around the beautiful 3D aquatic plants. This is a full 3D environment aquarium screensaver with 25 species of ornamental fish including freshwater ornamental fish such as goldfish, koi, red betta, neon tetra and marine ornamental fish such as blue tang. This 3D screensaver has 16 species of aquatic plants including freshwater plants such as water lilies and saltwater plants such as soft corals.

The screensaver is a unique virtual ornamental fish farming that allows you to breed ornamental fish and watch the small fish grow up after eating food. It is fully customizable, allowing you to change the color of background and foreground, waves sound, light intensity, bubble speed, bubble count etc. A multitude of corals, gently swaying underwater plants, wonderful fish, soft shadows cast by fish, water ripple effect, relaxing water sounds and other creatures make the screensaver more realistic. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

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Key features:

* Full 3D environment
* 25 Species of ornamental fish.
* 16 Species of aquatic plants.
* Custom ornamental fish.
* Custom aquatic plants.
* Relaxing bubbles and music.
* High-quality animation

Aquarium screensaver screenshots:


25 Species of ornamental fish :


16 Species of aquatic plants :


Aquarium cobble stone :














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