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Digital Goldfish Screensaver is a unique virtual underwater world with charming transparent bubbles and very pretty goldfish. Air bubbles slowly rise to the water. The goldfish are having fun swimming around everywhere. Some are far from you, others very close. Fish movements are so realistic that it makes you think you are observing real living sea creatures. They swim and drift. Water lilies and plants bend and sway in the tide.

The screensaver allows you to brighten the room or make it darker by adjusting the light intensity. It includes bubble music to help you enjoy the scene as you relax and allow your mind to rest and think only about beautiful things. Sound effects are amazingly real, resembling an underwater environment. You can add your own music. If you touch the fish they will swim away from you. The program can auto feed them with floating goldfish pellets. When goldfish see the floating pellets they will immediately swim toward the food then nibble and eat the food.

The demo allows you an unlimited trial period to play but all save functionality is disabled. It will allow you to choose five species of goldfish and two 3d freshwater aquarium backgrounds. There are twenty-five goldfish species and four aquarium backgrounds to choose from in the full version.

Download goldfish screensaver for free and decorate your desktop with goldfish, bubbles, water lily and shrimp.

Key features:

* Goldfish eat shrimp.
* 25 species of goldfish.
* 4 water lily backgrounds.
* Realistic 3D plants.
* Auto feed fish and touch fish.
* Small fish grow up after eating food.
* Water ripple effect.
* Zoom in/out fish.
* Create your own playlist of music.


4 water lily backgrounds:

25 species of goldfish (Ranchu Goldfish, Lionhead Goldfish, Broadtail Moor Goldfish, Demekin Goldfish, etc):



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