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Digital Goldfish Screensaver Support

Precautions for installation




Before You Buy

Digital Goldfish Screensaver  Operation

Digital Goldfish Screensaver  HotKeys

Precautions for installation

Before running installation you should configure your system for High colors or better.

Pentium IV
256 MB of RAM
3D accelerator with 64Mb of RAM
16-bit sound card
50 MB of free disk space
Windows 7/NT/Vista/XP/98/2000/ME
OpenGL 1.1 or higher



Double-click the file that you have downloaded. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the screen saver on your computer.


Double-clicking the screen saver icon on your Windows Desktop.


Go to Start > Programs > Digital Goldfish Screensaver > Uninstall DigiGoldFish.
The uninstall wizard should guide you through the process.

Before You Buy

Before purchasing Digital Goldfish Screensaver we strongly recommend you test the program to see if it works on your computer. You can do this by downloading the program and running the demo version as outlined.

We use RegNow to accept online payment in a secure and reliable way. Please read the descriptions beside to make sure you purchase the correct type of license.

Digital Goldfish Screensaver Operation

Please right-click on the screen to pop-up the toolbar, and
then left-click the icons on the toolbar to initiate the function.




Add Delete Fish Window


Add :You can add the fish in the aquarium.( Hotkey:A)

Delete :You can delete the fish in the aquarium.( Hotkey:D)

Random: Random all fishes.( Hotkey:R)

Clear:     Clear all fishes.( Hotkey:C)

Total:          The total number of fish currently in the tank.

(Max:50):    The upper limit of fish in the tank.

Close: Close the Add Delete Fish Window.


Aquarium Settings Window

Show Water lily :

If the checkbox is checked, the water lily will show. If the checkbox is unchecked, the water lily will hide.

Show Background:

If the checkbox is checked, the background will show. If the checkbox is unchecked, the background will hide.

Waves Sound:

Allows you to adjust the volume of waves sound.

Bubble Count:

Allows you to adjust the amount of bubbles.


Allows you to adjust the fog density.


Allows you to adjust the light intensity.

Changes the underwater backgrounds.

Close: Close the Aquarium Settings Window.

Custom Music Window

Add Music

You can begin adding music to play. From there you can browse to any compatible audio file to import it into your play list. Supported file types include .MP3, .WAV and .MPEG.


Remove a selected item from play list.

Remove All

Clear the play list.


Play music.


Stop music.

Use your own music

If the checkbox is checked, your own music will play . If the checkbox is unchecked, the bubble music will play.


Adjust the sound volume of the music.

Repeat One

Listen to a single song.


Random play  your music collection

Repeat All

Play all the music files one by one, and repeat playing it.


Digita Goldfish Screensaver HotKeys

[F2]:Feed cursor
[F3]:Touch cursor
[F4]:Near focus cursor
[F5]:Far focus cursor
[F6]:Ripple cursor
[F7]:Zoom in cursor
[F8]:Zoom out cursor
[F9]:Hide cursor
[Right Click]:Toolbar popup


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