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Digital Aquarium Screensaver is a unique screensaver that will bring the underwater world to your computer screen. You can tickle fish and feed fish. The small fish grow up after eating food. Click anywhere on the water and you will begin seeing ripples, the fish themselves will also create their own ripples once the ripples hits them. You can set the quantity of fish, camera focus, light intensity, waves sound, bubble speed and bubble count.  This is one of 3D fish screen savers which allows you to choose from saltwater aquarium or freshwater aquarium. You can choose from freshwater fish and saltwater fish of all shapes and sizes including Demekin, Guppy Blue Grass, Blue Tang, Manta, Clownfish, Bandouiruka, Blue Marlin, Benizake, Barramundi, Angel Shark, Silver Marlin Red Betta, Neon Tetra, Koi Fish, Oikawa, Rantyu, Shovelnose, Zatou, Shark Sucker, Manbou, Bora Fish, Medaka, Namazu and more. If you want an aquarium you never have to clean, then this is the screensaver for you.  100 Species of fish. 4 Aquarium backgrounds. 3D fish and 3D plants. Tickle fish and feed fish. Realistic shadows. Water ripple effect. Zoom in/out fish. Use your own music. Custom aquarium background.  Compatible with Windows Server 2008, Windows 7-Vista-XP, 32 & 64 bits. 

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 Live Kazika Aquarium Screensaver

 Free Ocean Sunfish Screensaver

 Free Angel Shark Screensaver

 Free 3D Bocaccio Rockfish Screensaver

 3D Mullet Fish Free Screensaver

 3D Brown Trout Free Screensaver

 3D Pacu Fish Free Screensaver

Three Spined-Stickleback Free Screensaver

Goby Fish Aquarium Screensaver

 Free Catfish Aquarium Screensaver

 Free Shovelnose Aquarium Screensaver

Free Humpback Whale Screensaver

Salmon Fish 3D Screensaver

Free Download | Screensaver Info

3D Severum Fish Screensaver

Free Download | Screensaver Info 

Medaka 3D Aquarium Screensaver

Free Download | Screensaver Info 

3D Sunfish Screensaver

Red Devil Aquarium Screensaver

Free  Download  | Screensaver Info  

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